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Planned Work on the Pond at the Waste

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waste pond water

The work on the pond is planned to start this week, on Nov 16th.

The pond at the Waste is a lovely spot on the way to Primrose woods or Little Switzerland. However, over the years, it has silted up, and recently invasive plants have spread fast over the water. Some maintenance is now needed – please see the note below from Cheshire West and Chester (who own the Waste) to find out what's planned.

The gradual build- up of organic matter within a pond is a natural process. Left to their own devices, they will eventually revert to woodland. In-order to keep open water within a pond, maintenance works are needed. At the Waste, the pond is surrounded by trees, and the resulting leaf litter is contributing to the build-up of organic matter.

The pond forms part of the local water management/storage system, previously a new pond overflow drain was installed to prevent possible local flooding. As the pond sediment builds up it loses storage capacity and drainage capacity may be exceeded, this increases the possibility of local flooding issues.

Cheshire West & Chester Council is hoping to organise the necessary works as soon as possible whilst pond water levels are low and ground conditions are dry, this will enable the works to be carried out in a more efficient manner and with less damage to the surrounding area. Some minor trees may need to pruned/removed to enable machine access. The wet sediment will be stored near the pond to let any pond life migrate back to the pond, and to dry out so it can be easily removed.

The result of this work will be unsightly in the short term. After the spoil is removed, the area will be re-sown with grass where necessary. Overtime, the vegetation will recover, and the pond will not require further maintenance for years.

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