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How does KPC pay for the Green?

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The land itself was purchased in 2007 using Parish Council reserves (including saved developers contributions) topped up by a loan from Cheshire West. An increase in the precept (small portion of local taxes paid to Parish Council) allowed KPC to repay this loan over the next year.

Play equipment was initially purchased thanks to fundraising by residents, in 2008. The Kelsall Youth Support Group also contributed towards the MUGA (basketball court).

Over the following years, developers' contributions have been used to purchase new equipment or replacements. These contributions are due when local developments have a significant impact on some aspects of the village. The new estates at Thistle Close, the Paddocks (Willington Road) and Applewood Green contributed £32,426, £13,598, and £78,965 respectively, to be spent specifically on Kelsall Green and the playground.
This money allowed KPC to complete the MUGA, buy new play equipment in 2017 and 2019, lay the path around the Green in 2019, and install lights on the central path in 2020.

Maintenance of the playground and the Green, including grass cutting and litter picking, all come out of KPC's operating budget.

We also save money towards large but predictable expenses. This happens when play equipment needs to be repaired (we are only allowed to spend developers' contributions on buying new items, and not on maintenance), or for other expensive items such as landscaping, In particular, we are currently making provisions to finance work on better drainage on the Green. 

For more information on how KPC spends its budget, see our Finance pages.

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