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Responsibilities of the Parish Council

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Our Responsibilities

We also represent local views to other bodies and coordinate action on local issues. To see what the Parish Council is currently working on, see the News & Stories page and the list of projects below.

Current Projects

Kelsall Parish

This map shows the boundaries of Kelsall civil parish, and the area of the Kelsall & Willington NDP

Cheshire West responsibilities

Cheshire West and Chester are responsible for all aspects of Highways, ie speed limits, speeding, road closures, and management of street parking. Issues can be reported straight to CWAC using the website or app (YourStreets), or escalated through Ward Councillors ( contacts here ).
Cheshire West make decisions on planning applications.

Report Issues

Many issues can be addressed faster if reported by residents when noticed. Please see list of issues and who best to report them to.

We can all help

We receive many comments on matters outside our control, such as speeding and bad parking, but also the need for more maintenance of hedges, footpaths and landscaping. Those are things that we as a community can do a great deal to control – by parking properly, driving carefully, cutting our hedge back so they don't encroach on the pavements, not dropping litter, etc. Pulling together to improve these issues would allow Parish Council resources to be used for other priorities – for example, KPC spent £4,000 on litter picking in 2022/23.

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